The Grifters

The Grifters 1990
Length:1h 50min.
Country:USA, Canada
Genres:Drama, Crime, Thriller
IMDB:7,0 (22 477)
Director:Stephen Frears
Actors:Anjelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening
  • The Grifters 1990
  • The Grifters 1990
  • The Grifters 1990
Roy is a small time con. His mother Lilly is also a grifter, working for a bookmaker. The two have driven apart over time and live separately. However, the mother reappears in her son’s life. Roy’s girlfriend, also a grifter, tries to convince the man to take part in a long con. The protagonist is torn between his love for his mother and affection for his girlfriend.

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