Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes 2018
Length:1h 26min.
Country:UK, USA
Genres:Cartoons, Comedy, Adventure
IMDB:4,7 (1 331)
Director:John Stevenson
Actors:Kelly Asbury, Mary J. Blige, Emily Blunt
  • Sherlock Gnomes 2018
  • Sherlock Gnomes 2018
  • Sherlock Gnomes 2018
Sherlock is an unusual gnome, he spends all his time investigating and solving crimes. He has a loyal assistant who is always there to help him. After news breaks out that a group of gnomes went strangely missing everybody except Sherlock becomes scared for their lives. He is now on a mission to solve the mysterious disappearing and to help find the gnomes.

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