The Meg

The Meg 2018
Length:1h 53min.
Country:China, USA
Genres:Cinema movies, Horror, Action
IMDB:6,2 (9 704)
Director:Jon Turteltaub
Actors:Ruby Rose, Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson
  • The Meg 2018
  • The Meg 2018
  • The Meg 2018
Jonas earns his living by going out in the see on his boat. But one day a terrible accident happens that almost resulted in him losing his life. Jonas believes that he became a victim of an attack of an enormous shark. No one believed him and he had to deal with all his fears by himself. And now he is being called on a new mission.

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Comments 3

    1. Halorketian 5 August 2018 00:21 Reply
      It's good and with a unpredictably small scale, while executing much deeper underlines, which can genuinely surprise the watcher.
    2. Jenmake 5 August 2018 00:20 Reply
      A much more intimate take on the shark-involved movies, but not enough grounded to the reality. Bobmovies, I like your speed.
    3. Elahrada 5 August 2018 00:19 Reply
      I was hoping for some of the Jaw references and wasn't disappointed. Not like Piranhas, this one has some respect towards classics.